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iPad art is more than a passing fad

Jaime Sanjuan is a Spanish digital artist born in 1981. In 2006, he completed the Academy of Fine Arts from the Universidad de Castilla la Mancha (Cuenca). Today, in addition to painting, he is writing his doctoral thesis on art and new technologies in the University of Zaragoza. On his website you can see a wide selection Leggi di piùiPad art is more than a passing fad[…]

David Kassan finger painting

The artist we propose today is David Kassan – Raw, poignant and profoundly honest, David Jon Kassan’s work aesthetically captures humanity in its true form. As an artist, Kassan acts as an empathetic intermediary between the subject he portrays and the viewer. More than simply replicating his subjects Kassan seeks to understand them. He seeks Leggi di piùDavid Kassan finger painting[…]

Portraits by Anderson Santos Anderson Santos creates digital paintings iniPad with ArtRage app, which simulates the texture of the oil paints: “allowing me to apply the techniques that I develop in my painting on canvas on the digital reality. The portraits are hand painted works on iPad which results are digital files that can be used not only for printing Leggi di piùPortraits by Anderson Santos[…]

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